Capital One

ESG Report

Amplifying the mission to Change Banking For Good

With more than a decade of client partner history, Taylor was well equipped to support Capital One in transitioning their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report into their first-ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, a nearly 120-page history of the brand’s impact in the communities they serve across the country. Over the course of 18 months, we steered the strategic and creative vision of the report, which was molded in the language of Capital One’s dedication to humanity and ingenuity. All supporting aspects from asset production to design to process management resulted in one storybook that became a tool for customers, associates, communities, and investors, and the launching pad for ESG reports to come.

“At Capital One, serving others is core to our values. Our mission to Change Banking for Good must include removing barriers to opportunity and creating pathways to financial success that will help enable vibrant futures for all.”

Andy Navarrete, EVP and Head of External Affairs, Capital One

Capital One 2021 ESG Report, p 49
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2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report