2022 ESG Report

Transparency of outcomes: Capital One’s 2022 impact

In early 2023, Taylor had the privilege to once again support Capital One in the production of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. Quickly following the 2021 report, this new 119-page document was completed over an escalated 5-month timeline. Taylor was responsible for the report’s strategic vision, the interactive design system (which reflected visual continuity with the Capital One About Hub website), production of integrated multimedia elements, data visualization as well as UX strategy which amplified visibility and access for website visitors.

In addition to raising public awareness of Capital One’s diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives in the workplace, the 2022 ESG Report provided a platform to tell their community engagement and social impact story. Highlights included outcomes of their affordable housing support, access to digital tools and services, workforce development, and small business empowerment - laddering up to Capital One’s commitment to foster financial well-being for all.

Read the full 2022 Capital One ESG Report on their website.

  • 44% increase in report viewership vs. previous year
  • 569K impressions across Capital One platforms
  • 72% decrease in production time vs. previous year
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2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report