Battle of the Paddles

Bringing the Unofficial Locker Room Sport to Super Bowl

Ahead of Super Bowl LVII, P&G set out to create the best branded sports content and highlight its four core brands — Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, and Tide — while also underscoring their brands’ authentic designation as the "Official Locker Room Products of the NFL."  In order to cut through a crowded landscape of brand activations during one of the biggest live sports moments of the year, P&G knew that their execution had to appeal to both avid and casual NFL fans, while also capturing new audiences in unique places beyond football-centric platforms. 

Tapping into an insight that ping pong was already an organic mainstay of NFL locker rooms; P&G along with its agency partners brought the first-ever Battle of the Paddles to SB LVII: a double elimination ping pong tournament where select NFL players with ping pong acumen duke it out for the ultimate title. The tournament aired live on Twitch and Amazon for fans beyond those on the ground in Phoenix, providing each player the opportunity to represent their team and take the competition outside of individual locker rooms. Taylor took to leveraging each athlete’s name and likeness to execute a full schedule of media interviews, virtually and onsite at Radio Row, as well as managing player social posts that pre-seeded the excitement of the live event and recapped the tournament’s best plays, with Cincinnati Bengals’ Trent Taylor taking home the title.

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