The Metaverse: Leveraging The Next Frontier For Business Expansion

The word ‘metaverse’ typically conjures up images of futuristic technology in action.

This new intersection of science, technology and society is creating brand new frontiers to engage with a new type of consumer. Even [SXSW 2022] featured a keynote speech by an anime avatar called Zero, who talked to attendees from an animated bunker in Nexus World - a virtual space in the metaverse.

Before embracing any new technology, it’s important to understand the platforms, devices and interfaces there are to play with. To gain a better grasp on the metaverse Taylor will be releasing a series of guides that will help demystify this new era of virtual connections.

So let’s begin our exploration of this virtual world by uncovering what it truly is and how brands can determine if they should establish a ‘virtual footprint’.

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