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Meet the Architects of the Sports Cultural Frontier

Meet the Architects of the Sports Cultural Frontier

Gen Z is forgoing the FOMO of live sporting events for short-form snippets

Sports serve as a unifying force, an opportunity to connect over shared excitement and energy.

But Gen Z has reimagined the sporting experience, swapping stadium crowds for smartphone screens. 38% of respondents said that drinking is a major part of the broad sports experience. But without the context of a live event, do we abandon what has been constructed as the quintessential sports experience?

The digital age has ushered in the popularity of short-form content to make sports more accessible. From 30-second game recaps to behind-the-scenes POVs, the once-exclusive world of sports is now within reach for all. Taking a multicultural perspective, short-form content has the ability to continuously reach new audiences. It creates space to tell stories of inclusion and diversity that feel relevant and authentically resonant. 69% of respondents also pointed to short-form content as helping them feel involved in the culture, fostering newfound involvement in sports.

While the fear of missing out on live sports may be less prominent among Gen Z, the experience of one live event has the power to hook fans for a lifetime. There is opportunity in thinking outside the stadium to customize the experience, optimize short-form content, and “edu-tain” to ensure the sports landscape remains inclusive and accessible to all.

Sports is just one of the cultural landscapes reshaped by Gen Z’s unique values, aspirations, and behaviors.

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