Gen Z

Meet the Architects of the Fashion Cultural Frontier

Gen Z is prioritizing socially and environmentally sustainable style

Fashion and style find their power in intentionality, and Gen Z is unwilling to sacrifice the genuine. Fashion is a reflection of personality, with 50% of respondents attributing significant importance to their outfits. Whether they are opting for sweatpants or high-end designer wear, Gen Z's fashion choices are deliberate, and every detail matters once they walk out the door. Yet, there's an intriguing duality at play – they are torn between maintaining a consistent style and embracing versatility. With an ever-expanding range of aesthetics, the surge of "fit checks,” the pressures of staying on-trend, and a sense of responsibility for shaping cultural narratives, fashion can feel like a 24/7 commitment.

Gen Z’s trend-setting in fashion extends beyond just aesthetics. They seek to exert their influence by democratizing the industry - championing social, monetary, and environmental consciousness.

By advocating for body inclusivity and elevating multicultural artists and designers, they advocate for mainstream acceptance while remaining vigilant about cultural appropriation and commercialization.

As a form of self-expression, fashion is marked by individuality - while 53% of respondents stick to specific aesthetics, 47% embrace the freedom to switch it up. Authenticity through individuality is imperative, with 63% of Gen Zers preferring to see 'real people' in fashion ads.

The notion of “untouchable” fashion icons is waning, making it accessible for anyone to express their unique self. Ingenuity is an alluring force in the search for style.

Gen Z dictates, while the rest participates, selected and styled with intention. Fashion is just one of the cultural landscapes reshaped by Gen Z’s unique values, aspirations, and behaviors.

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