Finding Gen Z At Home For The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, the focus for many brands is how to grasp the attention (and wallets) of Gen Z. What draws this savvy generation to businesses during this pivotal sales period has changed, raising the question of what are the best ways to leverage this holiday to build relationships with this important audience.

For Gen Z, it’s about investment that gives far more bang for your buck and fulfillment of personal values, especially with companies such as Klarna transforming their relationship with money (where upwards of 45 million consumers use a BNPL business model) or campfire communities – such as Discord – that provide a more refreshing comms platform to connect with like-minded peers on what matters most to their culture or social tribe during the holidays.

44% of Gen Zers are expected to spend more this holiday season, so we’ve delved into their buying styles, hubs they turn to that influence their purchasing decisions and cultural influences that have shaped how they will celebrate.

We’ve attached a short guide filled with factors to consider over the upcoming five weeks.

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